Client Feedback

What some of our students and/or parents have to say

Perry is so enthusiastic and positive, my children have literally swept away with her – Regina & Mark

Perry is such a kind, patient teacher, my daughter adores learning with her. Nicole Anne Smollen

Perry brings beautiful music and laughter into our home, every week Christina Zhang

Perry is so proficient, I can see my children developing musically in front of my eyes – Jack Metin

I love my lessons with Perry, they are so much fun!
Adelaide – 6 years 

With Perry’s help, I’ve moved up an Ensemble at my school.
Henry 15 – years

Perry has been teaching me the violin for 14 years and I never want my lessons to end –Audrey 20 years

Perry has been wonderful to my two sons, we had a piano teacher and a violin teacher prior to engaging Ms Tonoyan from PT Tutoring.. neither was very good at communicating with my children. I now have them both extremely happy and always looking forward to the next class.. Thank you, you are a wonderful teacher.

Aram Mak

As a physiotherapist, I have enormous respect for the way Perry teaches good posture. I know this will prevent injuries in the future. My 8 yr old niece feels she can play the piano better after learning from Perry. My 5yr old nephew thinks she is a good teacher 🙂

Emy Naidoo

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