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My name is Lily Minasyan.

I teach infants and toddlers music group classes.
I have graduated from Sydney Conservatorium of music with a bachelor’s and then master’s degree in music performance.
I also have 23 years of teaching experience.
I taught in number of schools and institutes in Sydney. I taught individual violin, viola and piano as well as ensemble, choirs, music theory, musician ship and solfage.

Recently I experienced the biggest miracle of my life – the birth of my child.

As a mother, I understood that nothing is more important than my child’s health, happiness, and development. So then I started thinking and creating ways to nurture his soul, open his mind, and develop his vocabulary and education.

Being a musician helped me to do that through music.
I taught my child colours, shapes, animals, instruments, numbers, and letters through music and singing. As a result, he now has a vocabulary of around 2000 words in two languages simultaneously by two and a half years old.

The key is to provide all that in a way that interests the child. The most important thing is that a child develops a hunger for learning early on. Then, the brain will be ready for fast learning during the school years.

I realised that all this experience and new ways I found to teach my child needs to be shared with other parents and kids.

We have created an infants music group classes where earliest age starts from 6 months to 6 years old.
Classes are age-appropriately grouped with children and their accompanying adults on the mat.

We introduce kids to various instruments, singing, and rhythm. The music incorporates the teaching of the alphabet, nouns, numbers, and colours, to name a few, through music. In addition, nursery rhymes are learnt with live music.

Your child will develop the ability to think, speak, coordinate, and envision while nurturing their soul and spirit. As a result, your child will be ready for school and life with an open mind and a thirst to learn.
Most importantly- your child will be HAPPY!!!

So please join us for great experience!
Contact me on 0405 031 831
Or email:

Music is like an air to your mind and soul.
Lily Minasyan

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