Music tutor for strings and piano

My name is Perry and I’ve been teaching instruments for over 40 years. During my teaching experience,  I have had the pleasure of mentoring many talented students.

To be a good teacher you need to understand where problems are originating from. It could either technical or self-expression.

Posture technique is very important when you are playing instruments. You can’t have fun or like music, if you have some sort of back or pain on your shoulder –  if you’re scratching your shoulder playing the violin, notes can be out of tune.

That is not fun music, not a good sound.

This can lead to disappointments when playing an instrument and can make the student feel like they are wasting their time. In turn, this can reduce motivation and then in most cases the next step is to give up.

I’ve done my research over the decades to understand the core of playing instruments.
I’ve read many books around “the instrumental art of technique” and many books of famous instrumentalists.

It is important for a tutor to participate in many open classes with other well known and experienced teachers.

I’ve created my own teaching way and put a strong emphasis on the right posture and technique. This helps my students for the future and brings back the fun into learning.

With music you don’t have to start from the beginning to fix bad habits, you just need consistency and practice and then you can reach the highest goals in music.

My Goal:

My goal is that students understand the magic of sound and are able to express themselves through instruments. I want all of my students to believe in themselves and have “can do “ attitude.

My students learn instruments with correct posture and left-hand and right-hand technique. They Create their own music and enjoy their own beautiful sounds which are closest to their hearts.

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